Welcome to Pipeseroni!

We make gorgeous terminal screensavers, the most well known of which is pipes.sh. We also have a few other programs which are either versions in different languages or idea which build on the core pipes concept. Enjoy!

List of Projects

Here’s a list of all the programs which are maintained as part of Pipeseroni

Program Language Description
pipes.sh Bash the original script
pipes.c C a version written in C
snakes.pl Perl a version written in Perl
maze.py Python a version written in Python
pipesX.sh Bash original pipes, but this time diagonal
weave.sh Bash inject some mathematics into your pipes

A Brief History

pipes.sh was originally created by Matthew Simpson and posted to the Arch Linux Forums in early 2010. It was also later posted to Gist released in the public domain.

In early 2013 Yu-Jie Lin posted a modification of the script to Gist after reading about it on a blog. It was maintained on Gist independently for a period of a few months.

In 2014 the script was given its own GitHub repository which encouraged contributions from other developers. As the script gained more popularity the decision was made to combine forces with developers of similar projects.

Finally, in 2015 the MIT license was added and the Pipeseroni collective was formed to maintain the projects.


You can view the current members on GitHub.